Hair by Paris

Professional haircuts, perms, treatments and more for both Afro Caribbean and European hair.

Are you tired of your current hairstyle? Do you want a special hairdo for a special occasion?

Hair by Paris can help you achieve the look you want. Whether you want a completely different look or you just want to modernise your current one, our stylists will work with you to pick a hairstyle that suits you.

Having worked with clientele from all age groups, we've developed the skills to create everything from mature hairstyles to trendy ones. We also work with clientele from diverse backgrounds, so no matter your ethnicity, you're welcome at our hair salon.

Our salon services

We supply a range of salon services for ladies, gents and children including:

  • Modern hair styling
  • Hair treatments
  • You Pro Keratin treatment systems
  • Haircuts 
  • Hair colouring
  • Hair straightening 
  • Men's barbers
  • Curly Perms 
  • Fashion Cuts
  • Foil or Cap Highlights

Would you like a professional hairdo? Give us a call today!

We cater to all hair types; Afro Caribbean and European hair. Whatever your ethnicity, give us a ring on 
0161 226 9281

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